Welcome to the Carnival of Confusion
Honestly have no idea why you want to be in here but ok then? (UPDATE Sorry for the delays school is slowing me down for this site)

There will be no prizes, unless you think that your life is a prize in of itself because humans says that it is but a present

Where shall we start? Oh how about Christianity then.

Religion versus science, it is a topic much disputed upon because of it's discrepency from eachother. But in all honestly, they are much like eachoter in several ways. (Remember it is written in the way that humans may be able to understand. So everything said can be malliable to be something else. Don't be thick headed and give up on your ideals making it EXACTLY this or EXACTLY that.)
Most people take for granite the facts that sciencist says, in respect to the followers of the religion to the preist.
But that is a digression from the true similarites that can be explained!

Genisis inside the bible expresses the formation of Earth, and possible ways that it could coreside with Science! Also remember that the people writting the bible's early stages were hebrews so the translations can be slightly off and it's also explained by a human not a god. It can only hold so much details that can be allowed to surface. Human beings will be engulfed by the large overview more often than the foundations of what is being expressed. So I am basically blaming the fact that we are humans and at the eras which the bible was wrtitten for the small issues. The bible was created for humans to read, if we couldn't comprehend the information written which was for the people to read, then there will be no way for people to understand God's words. Especially since this is the beginning of the bible, every author knows that writting a book about molecular substances of which has yet to be even discovered by humans would be a meaningless. A loss of information to the people trying to understand the information and as such will take away from the word of God. Last thing! God didn't LITERATELY MAKE THE WORLD IN 7 DAYS. God's perseption of time isn't that of humans AND the sun wasn't even created at the time so day and night cycles didn't even exsist. " need to refind the part what explains god's percetion of time"

So lets all get a english translated bible. For my representation, I will be using the NIV version of the Bible.
Let's not deal with the beginning of the universe and only deal with Earth for now. "Now the Earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of god was hovering over the waters"
In science this can coexisitin the terms of hydrogen atoms being the most plentiful and abundant source

(summary) God made a separation of light and darkness. Scientifically could be explained through the usuage of nuclear reactions or just atoms coliding causing a light spark. The start of our solar system. (I had previous thought that this part was when Jesus was born, but due to the idea that the bible represents that Jesus is also god and is a part of the trinity being none more stronger than the other all the same. My idea of use Jesus as a filler point here is not applicable.)

(summary)Expanse of water from water, so most commonly refered to oceans and sky. Scientifically could refer to H2O becoming one of the four different stages of physical form. (gas, liquid, solid, and plasma) At this stage the world should have multiple different substances other than just hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.

(intermisson)Next part of this thing make more sense. Cuz it's not infering anything.

(summary)God created the seas and the ground. This explicitly tells us that the basic form of the earth was created as the earth crust rised and the mantle became stable. The dry ground isn't nessacary for life to start, but it is nessacary for the evolution of the earthland creatures. The seas can also describe convection currents within the mantle as the mantle is forming looking like an ocean.

(summary)God created plants which are autotrophs. This is the beginning of evolution! Somehow the first organism was created by a spark of energy, being either made by the vocanic activity, the lightning, or the chemicals within the area. Somehow life was formed through the excessive energy around. Making an autotroph, probably an organism that is based on chemosynthesis rather than photosynthesis, that is also prokaryotic is just a shear luck that the organism was created. (You can say through the will of god) The enviorment was had an abundance of chemicals and prokaryotic is the most simplistic lifeform. In any case, it would be considered as a plant in thought during the time that this was written. The first organisms to come about onto land were plants as well as plants being the pioneer species to multiple other things.

(summary)God formed the sun and the moon. Assuming that the stage above was still at the chemosynthetic stage before the sun and moon was formed is key so that it could correlation with science. The sun may have been just developing into a formation that became stable but at the moment it was considered to be just bursts of energy of gas formed ball of atoms. The moon may have been formed at this time by a meteorite strike and taking a chuck of the earth and putting a portion in orbit, and or was created but never combined with the earth. The sun was formed with nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. In any case, the sun was completely formed and the moon shown light because the sun was formed. This allows the day and night cycle to appear.

(summary)In order of statements, God made fishes then birds. In order of simplicity, fishes has a two chamber heart that filters it's blood, and it has it's enviorment which is the oceans and seas. All of the organism's blood is recycled Birds include multiple reptiles at the beginning stages which have three chamber hearts that filter it's blood slightly more efficently for it takes in blood only that has used up it's oxygen. Though the problem with three chambers is that it still mixes the blood content.

(summary) In order of statements, God made land animals then humans. Animals finally got onto land and needed a more efficent source of oxygen intake for every organism before hand was dependent for oxygen in cellular respiration, making it so that every organism has to obtain oxygen. Land animals had no way for producing it like producers, no way to obtain it through water like fishes, and needed a more efficent way to obtain oxygen than birds which could fly in a more oxygen concentrated area or against the reptiles (which are included in birds) out competing them with better stamina for the three chamber hearts force the organism to rest time to time from lack of complete circulation. ( carbondioxide is heavier than oxygen so it goes down and oxygen goes up if left in a continual state of no entrophy ) So Land animals needed to develop a more complex system to survive the conditions of ruling the ground.