Quick Sort!

This is the fastest method! For Binary methods in computers. Majority of the time.

The steps to do this sort is to do these things

-1 Set out unordered line

-2 Chose center most card (choose center more to the left for ease of programing)

-3 Compare each card to center most card

-4 If smaller make group to left of center, If larger make group to right of center. Set Tier Number, 1 for first, 2 for second, 3 for third,...

-5 If group is already made, if smaller set left group, if larger set right group and keep order

-6 Repeat until all groups only have one number within it's group from Step 3.

-7 Select highest tier.

-8 Left most group combines up keeping order to the left, right group of same teir and of the same origin group combines and keeps order to the right.

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