Vlado Footwear Are Great Shoes!

This was my first shoes of the three and my most disliked. Though they were comfortable the problem I had with it was the inner soles tearing from overuse. The size is recorded smaller even though it can deifnately fit a larger size. All in all, it's not the company's fault but the people they partnered up with to produce the products that were cutting corners within the quality to produce the quanity.

This was my third shoes of the three. This one has no real problem because they fixed the problem with the inner sole with eversole! Supposively a great shoe for dancing. Unfortunately I hurt myself on my ankles multiple times because I am a terrible dancer. And now yo uhave some trivia of me actually trying to dance well done people.

This was my second shoes of the three. This one was a high top and I grew fond of it. I have no idea how you were suppose to make this shoe work for dancing, but I honestly liked the design of the shoes. I obtained eversole within half of the shoe's lifespan because it was just developed then. I liked the new feel with the shoe having the eversole, and it adjusted the size perfectly for my weird growth of the width of my foot compared to any other shoe at the time. It was the most comfortable shoes I had at the moment that I wore it for every occassion at the time.

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